Super Slick: Making Buttercream Look Like Fondant

After making milk chocolate buttercream frosting, I really wanted a smooth look to it after icing the cake. My offset spatula was doing well, but I wanted a fondant look. I had a thought: plastic wrap? Parchment paper? Both? Giving the frosting a little time to dry slightly, I pressed gently all over the top and sides of the frosted cake, once with parchment and once with cling wrap. Both worked well, with their own benefits and drawbacks: the cling wrap was easier to manage, but left little tiny “wrinkles” in the frosting. The parchment produced a much smoother effect, but was a little crunchy and hard to hold on to. But hooray, both worked so much better than I’d thought. If the frosting started to stick from being overworked, it just gave it a minute to dry again and smoothed it out.

The recipe for milk chocolate buttercream is here on Tenspoons.

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